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Searching for an exceptional Scotch & Soda?

The whiskey highball was born in the early 1900's and initially combined Scotch whiskey with soda water, also known as 'scotch and soda.' A mixed drink consisting of whisky and soda water or other sparkling water. When mixed with Japanese Whisky, it is known as a Japanese highball.

Scotch and Soda recipe

Try our signature cocktail recipe, what we believe is the best gin and tonic recipe, the Whisky Highball - East Imperial Soda Water mixed with your favourite premium Scotch:

  • 150ml East Imperial Soda Water
  • 50ml Premium Scotch (or your preferred whiskey)
  • Fill glass with quality ice
  • Garnish with a lemon coin
Our favourite Scotch and Soda Recipe - Whisky Highball
The best Scotch and Soda ratio is 3:1

The perfect Pour

Continuing our mission to be the ultimate complement to premium spirits, our bespoke 150ml bottle pours the exact 3:1 mixer ratio for any signature cocktail.

How many calories are in a Scotch and Soda?

The calorie count for a scotch and soda can vary depending on the ingredients that you choose to use.
East Imperial mixers are all low in natural sugar when compared to other brands.

A standard whiskey contains around 125 calories per 50ml serving. 
East Imperial Soda Water contains 0 calories per 150ml.

Scotch and Soda variations

Fuisce & Tonic Cocktail by East Imperial

Whiskey and
Grapefruit Tonic

The 'Fuisce & Tonic', a slightly unusual cocktail blending Whiskey and Grapefruit Tonic with Chocolate Bitters.

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Kentucky Tonic Cocktail by East Imperial

Whiskey and
Yuzu Tonic

The 'Kentucky Tonic', this tonic brings a
citrus hit to whiskey.

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Stone Diamond Cocktail by East Imperial

Whisky And
Dry Ginger Ale

The 'Stone Diamond', a classic cocktail that everyone should try.

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